Hey! 👋 I’m Rich Webster.

I teach people
how to work less.

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never enough time?

You’re working more than you need to.

If you’re like I was, your day is full of distractions, meetings, interruptions, and wasted time. I’m here to fix that.

My Work Less philosophy is built around the mastery of 5 skills:

  • 🚀 Productivity
  • 🏗 Systems
  • 🧠 Mindset
  • 🎯 Focus
  • Time Management

Work Less is about making better decisions, building better systems, and saying no more often. In essence, Work Less is about thinking more, in order to do less.

change your life

The Work Less Manifesto

10 affirmations to work smarter, not harder.

  1. I work on the right thing, not anything.
  2. I will not pretend to work.
  3. I get 80% of results from 20% of work.
  4. I say “No.”
  5. I spend money to buy time.
  1. I delegate whenever possible.
  2. I avoid feeds.
  3. I track my time and protect my energy.
  4. I plan tomorrow today.
  5. I rest as hard as I work.


Meet Rich Webster

I’m a designer, agency-owner, and entrepreneur.
From all-nighters, to burnout, to 70+ hour weeks, I’ve been there.
These days, I spend less than 15 hours a week running my agency.
Now I’m obsessed with teaching people how to work less.


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“Rich is the real deal. He lives what he preaches and has hyper optimized his life to do more in less time."

Chris Do

Founder & CEO, The Futur

"Rich has made me a better content creator, writer, and TV news contributor. I'm not sure where my public career or business would be without Rich, and to be honest, I don't want to find out."

Richard Fowler Testimonial

Richard Fowler

TV Star & Forbes Contributor

"Coaching with Rich has been incredibly helpful. I was able to start delegating to my team more to free up my own time. It turns out my business really only needs just 15 hours of focused time from me per week!"

Chelsea Mae Cullen

Entrepreneur & YouTuber