about me

Rich Webster

I’m a designer, agency-owner, and entrepreneur.
From all-nighters, to burnout, to 70+ hour weeks, I’ve been there.
These days, I spend less than 15 hours a week running my agency.
Now I’m obsessed with teaching people how to work less.

What I’m Up To

🎨 Design Agency

My first business is Richard Media Company. Started in 2013. RMC specializes in design, video, and strategic communications for nonprofits and businesses with operating budgets >$1m. Over the years we’ve worked with VICE, GEICO, Google, The World Bank, and many more. We’ve helped win historic strikes for Chicago’s teachers, launched esports brand campaigns, and helped build the country’s fastest growing plant-based street food franchise.

📸 Instagram

On my Instagram, I share daily productivity and business hacks, in the form of highly designed carousel posts, videos, and as well as my daily life in the stories. Nearly 290,000 friends are along for the ride. Join us!

📰 Newsletter

My newsletter, Work Less Wednesday, features 5 things you need to know, every week. Tips, Hacks, Articles, Books, Products – all designed to help you Work Less and Earn More. Check out some past issues and join 23,000 readers here!

🎧 Podcast

On my podcast, The Rich Webster Show, you’ll get an unfiltered look behind the scenes at how I’m running my businesses, the frameworks I use to build them, and how you can design your own business to work less and earn more. Along the way, you’ll learn the strategies, tools, and frameworks to create a one-person business that meets both your profit and lifestyle goals. Check out the show here!


I teach a cohort-based course called How To Work Less, which teaches self-employed people how to design a profitable lifestyle business. During the course, I’ll teach you how to scale your business without working more hours, create systems that run your business for you, and do the things you love and delegate the work you don’t. Cohort 6 begins January 2024.
Join the VIP Waitlist for Cohort 6 here!

In The Past

📡 YouTube/Radio Producer

I was Executive Producer & Co-Owner of The Richard Fowler Show for ~6 years. During that time, we grew the show to national radio syndication (8.1m+ homes), 26 million YouTube views, and a partnership with the largest online news show in the world, The Young Turks.

👾 Pro Gamer

Fun fact – I spent 2 years as a pro gamer, playing Hearthstone. During that time I went from total amateur to winning a national tournament. I won thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, traveled to Los Angeles for free, and slung cards. I’m now retired.

Contact Me

👋 Say Hi!

If you want to say hi or have a question, shoot me an email at [email protected]. For business inquiries and sponsorships, email [email protected] and my team will get back to you.