WLW #10

January 05, 2022

📕 1. Book I’m Reading – The Coaching Habit by Michael Stanier

I’m always looking for ways to provide my private coaching clients with as much value as possible.

So I asked MY coach Chris for help. He recommended this book.

Great first book of 2022.

🔑 My Key Takeaway –

Coaching is not giving advice.

It’s about helping people improve their thinking—not solving problems for them. Don’t GIVE them a fish, teach them HOW to fish.

Start with these two questions:

  • “How can I support you?” → Forces them to think through how to best use your time and theirs.
  • “What do you ultimately want?” → Forces them to think through which obstacle matters most. Focus on that.

🎆 2. What’s Better Than A New Year’s Resolution? – A January Habit

It’s no secret that 93% of New Year’s Resolutions fail.

So why do we keep trying to make them happen?

I’ve got a better solution: the January Habit.

The Guide For January Habits –

  1. Pick JUST ONE goal. (only one! this is key)
  2. Make it SO SMALL it guarantees success.
  3. Spend ALL MONTH building it into a habit. (through daily action)

Click here to read my full post and give it a try!

🎽 3. Exercise Equipment I’m Experimenting With – Rebounder

Yes, a rebounder is a mini-trampoline.

Since it’s freezing here in Philadelphia, I figured, why not bounce?

Any experience with rebounders? Exercises I should try?

📸 4. Best YouTube Video Of 2022 – Watch These 55 Minutes If You Want To Be A Millionaire In 2022… by Alex Hormozi

This video thumbnail is wild. But he’s the real deal – Alex’s $100M Offers was one of my top 5 books of 2021.

This is an hourlong keynote on this topic:

Time allocation is the only thing that matters. If you master time, you master material success.

Carve out an hour and watch it. If you don’t learn something, let me know.

🤫 5. My Big Plans For 2022

No one knows this yet. Except you.

I’m going all in on Work Less, Earn More in 2022.

And I set an INSANELY ambitious goal.

I will reveal it when reach it (or don’t) by January 1, 2023.

Now for some public accountability…

🎯 My Quarter 1 Goals

1️⃣ Publish my Work Less Manifesto (coming soon!).

2️⃣ Launch my website (almost done with design).

3️⃣ Roll out version 1 of my course! 👀👀👀

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