WLW #106

November 15, 2023

Ep. 17 – Planning The Rest Of 2023 For My Business (Part 3)

In this episode, I cover: 

  • My HUGE plans for the next 3 months in my business
  • Why I paid $30,000 for a year of mentorship (and why its already paid for itself)
  • 3 pieces of advice I’ve been telling my students, that I wasn’t taking myself
  • Why I’m shutting down my agency in 2024
  • Some big changes coming to How To Work Less next year
  • And the NEW program that I’m testing with a select group of HTWL grads this week

🤖 1. How To Work Less with AI – 2 Hour Workshop Replay

how to work less with ai workshop

This week I hosted an exclusive free workshop for my community of 🏖️ How To Work Less graduates called “How To Work Less with AI.

It was taught by Dave Talas, who is one of the first people I followed on Instagram 2 years ago.

Dave is one of the smartest people in the AI space I know.

He’s the co-founder of PromptMaster, an AI education business.

And the workshop was killer.

Sorry you missed it.


Just kidding.

This workshop was so awesome I asked Dave if I could share it with my email list.

Lucky for you, he said yes.

Do yourself a favor and watch it.

It’s really good.

Click here and you can watch the private YouTube video of the replay.

And even better – Dave said I could share his $47 Prompt Engineering course with you all, for FREE as well!

You can grab the Prompt Engineering course for FREE here, just enter RICHWEBSTER at checkout for the discount.


🛍️ 2. $700 Tech Impulse Buy I Made This Week – Humane AI Pin

humane ai pin image

I made a total impulse purchase this week and bought the new Humane AI Pin.

The Verge calls it: “A new AI-powered wearable that’s designed to be something that can keep your head out of your smartphone. The gadget itself is small and can attach to your clothes using a magnetic battery pack so that it’s within easy reach. By tapping the AI Pin, you can ask it to do smartphone-y things like make phone calls, text your friends, play music, and catch you up on your email. And it has a laser projector that can cast a UI onto your hand to control certain aspects of the device.”

We’ll see how it works in person, kinda regret it already. 💀

✍️ 3. How To Write Less – Behavioral Scientist Article

People are busier than ever.

You should write less words.

That’s what this article is about.

🎨 4. How To Cultivate Habits – A Chart by ResetNYC

cultivating habits chart

🚀 5. Anatomy of a $10,000 Course Launch – Tweet by Nick Wignall

Interesting Twitter thread breaking down the launch of a self-paced course to a relatively small audience. Worth checking out ⬇️

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