WLW #107

November 22, 2023

Ep. 18 – How To Scale Your Business Without Working More Hours

In this episode, I cover: 

  • How to break out of the “Time Bottleneck,” where you can’t work any less hours or make any more money.
  • How to free up 10-15 hours a week, in 3 simple steps.
  • How to make each hour of your time more valuable, using value pricing.
  • The two steps to get leverage in your business, so you can work less and earn more.

🌌 1. I Created The Star Wars Of Podcasts – A Three Part Business Saga

I’m just kidding.

Last week, I concluded a three podcast episode arc about planning my business for 2024.

The journey is wild, it starts with me introducing my “Sprint” planning method and ends with me shutting down my agency.

The feedback from these episodes have been overwhelmingly positive.

Since 24,000 of you read this email, and only 1,000 listen per episode, I thought I’d point you towards it. ⬇️

1️⃣ Part 1: Listen Here

  • How much I’ve earned from January – October from my education business
  • The insights I learned from my 80/20 Analysis of my business
  • Why I’m stopping newsletter sponsorships, affiliate marketing, most coaching, and most brand deals, and what I’m doubling down on instead

2️⃣ Part 2: Listen Here

  • The big bottleneck I hit with How To Work Less (and how I’m thinking about solving it)
  • The conversations I had with my Personal Board of Directors this week (including course experts, automation masters, and 7 figure business owners)
  • How I’m going 10X in my business in 2024

3️⃣ Part 3: Listen Here

  • Why I paid $30,000 for a year of mentorship (and why its already paid for itself)
  • 3 pieces of advice I’ve been telling my students, that I wasn’t taking myself
  • Why I’m shutting down my agency in 2024

✍️ 2. I Recommend You Write

quote from paul graham on writing

I get a ton of questions from folks online asking what I reccomend they do in their careers, life, and business. Here’s what I usually say:

I recommend you write.

Doesn’t have to be much.

  • Journal.
  • Write a blog post.
  • Post a tweet.

I’ve written more in the last 2 years than the last 2 decades.

The result?

  • 400k+ followers.
  • 25k+ weekly readers.
  • $500k+ businesses.

All thanks to writing.

NoteThe quote above is from the essay “Words” by Paul Graham.

🎞️ 3. App My Wife Is Obsessed With – Letterboxd

My wife is a cinephile.

Her prolific film watching puts me to shame.

For years she’s been looking for the perfect solution for tracking her lifetime obsession with film.

She’s been keeping millions of paper lists in Field Notes, plus a notepad in her phone.

I can report, we finally have a replacement.

letterboxd home page
*This is not my wife’s Letterboxd account ⬆️

Letterboxed is GoodReads for movies.

You can search, rank, review, and create lists.

The search function is also incredible.

No more searching Wikipedia for film info – it’s all in once place.

She also loves the user-generated reviews.

Rotten Tomatoes sucks.

My wife’s description: “The reviews are real people, saying real shit, about real films.” lol

If you’re looking for a place to catalogue, track, review, and discover films, check out Letterboxd(not an ad, just my wife’s fav app)

P.S. Here’s my wife’s account if you want to follow her 😂

🕶️ 4. I Just Bought The Most Uncool Blue Blocking Glasses – TrueDark Twilights Classic

I broke the arm off my pair of Swannies blue blockers, and needed a new pair.

I decided to go for the nuclear option.

truedark twilights classic glasses

They are so uncool.

I look like this wearing them:

chronicles of riddick

But they work.

I put these things on and start getting tired, nearly immediately.

If you’re watching tv or looking at screens at night, get a pair (doesn’t have to be these).

Has drastically improved my sleep.

🎁 5. Black Friday: Save $1,000 Off 🏖️How To Work Less – Early Enrollment Discount

I can save you $1,000 this Black Friday week.


Enroll early in 🏖️How To Work Less.

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In just 4 weeks, you’ll learn how to:

🤑 Scale your business without working more hours.

🛠 Create systems that run your business for you.

😍 Do the things you love and delegate the work you don’t.

You’ll have access to the exact same strategies and systems our students have used to build businesses where they work less than 5 hours a day making over $20k/month.

The best part?

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