WLW #11

January 12, 2022

📕 1. Health Book I Finished This Week – The Energy Formula by Shawn Wells

Shawn Wells is a biochemist known the “World’s Greatest Formulator,” having created and patented multiple compounds found in millions of homes.

This book is his recipe for creating boundless energy, through his 6 “ingredients”: Experiment, Nutrition, Exercise, Routine, Growth, and Your Tribe.

While a lot of the content has been covered in other books, the detailed guides about supplements are worth the price of admission.

🔑 My Top Takeaway – Shawn’s Top Supplements For EVERYONE

Vitamin D3 + K2, Berberine, Collagen, Magnesium, Ashwagandha, High-quality Multivitamin with Active B Vitamins, L-Ergothioneine, Alpha-GPC, Creatine, Curcumin, High DHA Fish Oil

Note: This is not medical advice – this list is directly from the book. Consult your Doctor and always look up supplements at

📒 2. Article I Wrote – Good Things Come In Threes

If you’re like me, the to-do list in your brain is miles long.

But how do we decide what to actually do?

Read my article on The Rule of Three to learn how to prioritize and focus every day.

🦄 3. Another Vote For The 4 Day Workweek – Tech Unicorn Bolt Goes 4 Day Permanently

I’ve been paying close attention to the 4 day workweek (and the 5 hour workday) for a while now.

Looks like tech companies are catching on.

After a successful pilot (94% of staff approved), Bolt is switching to the 4DWW permanently.

Read the thread below for all the details:

🍟 4. Eat Like A Billionaire – Warren Buffett’s Disgusting Diet

I’m researching Warren Buffett to learn more about how high-performers make decisions.

Instead I discovered his disturbing diet.

Warren Buffett eats like a 6 year old.

5 cans of Coke a day. Constant candy eating. Ice cream for lunch.

How do people do it?

⌨️ 5. Low-tech Typewriter I’ve Got My Eye On – The Freewrite Traveler

I love computers but they do TOO MUCH.

Sometimes, you just need to write.

This low-tech typewriter replaces your word processor.

No more checking email or Instagram instead of writing. Very cool.

There’s definitely a market for more low-tech products that replicate a single feature of phones/computers, without the distractions.

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