WLW #112

December 28, 2023

🏖️ 1. Last Chance For Early Bird Enrollment! – How To Work Less Cohort 6

Just a heads up, this is your last chance to get access to our Early Bird Enrollment for Cohort 6 of How To Work Less.

Early Enrollment includes $1,000 off the full price, a guaranteed spot in this cohort, plus some other nice perks.

We’ve already got 32 new students (and 100+ past students), joining us this cohort, which starts on January 8th!

If you’ve been on the fence, now is the time.

On December 31st, Early Enrollment will close.

To sign up early, go to and enter your email.

🎄 2. Why The Day After Christmas Is My Favorite Day Of The Year – By Blake LaGrange

One of my mentors, Blake LaGrange (CEO of Kollege), shared this post yesterday. You should read it:

Can you feel it?

The weight of business and expectations lifted?

Your market, your clients, your audience, are preoccupied today. Today is a miniature version of a snow day. There is no reason to go to School, everyone is forced to stay at home, so the collective expectation is lifted and you can embrace what normally feels guilty, that is: rest.

We all work too hard. This isn’t because there is much work to be done, but because of the unspoken expectation that you must work in order to make progress. But notice that the feeling of rest doesn’t come from all of the work being completed (in fact, your to-do list and your plans are bigger than ever), but from the simple expectation of work being lifted on the day after Christmas.

Imagine if you could remove that expectation throughout the year? Have you asked yourself where that burden or guilt comes from? Have you learned to rest?

As everyone is planning for their “biggest year ever”, take some time to re-think 2024. What does resting in your work look like? How can you remove the guilt and burden of work? Where can you find redemption in your work?

What does rest in your work look like for you?

📬 3. My #1 Go-To Newsletter For Email Deliverability – Deliverability Now

Why do some emails hit the spam folder and others don’t?

Why is your open rate a meager 15%?

Why is so hard to figure out anything about sending emails?

I have no idea.

But Matt Brown does.

Matt is my go-to expert on email deliverability.

He recently told me that Google (and Yahoo) announced they’ll begin enforcing stricter sender guidelines starting in February of 2024.

If you’re sending a lot of emails, you should be paying attention.

Fortunately, Matt just launched a new newsletter called Deliverability Now, with all the answers.

You should subscribe if…

✅ You have an email list over 5k who use Gmail or Google Workspace

✅ You’ve seen a steady decline in email open rates, click rates, and sales over the past year

✅ No matter what you do, your messages always seem to land in the spam or promo folder

✅ Your open rates (excluding Apple Privacy Opens) are consistently below 15%

✅ You feel like there’s a big segment of “cold” or “dead” contacts on your list

Sign up here.

FYI – This is NOT an ad. Matt is the #1 expert I know on this topic, has consulted for Work Less Wednesday, and I’m really excited to recommend this newsletter to you.

📕 4. Ten Basic Rules for Better Living – Book by Manly P. Hall

10 basic rules for better living book

Stumbled across this gem of a book on YouTube.

It was written in 1953 but is just as relevant today.

I listened to the 2 hour free audiobook recording on YouTube on my plane ride back from Philadelphia on Christmas.

Definitely recommend it.

It was written by Manly P. Hall, a Canadian author, lecturer, astrologer, mystic and Freemason.

Here are the 10 Rules:

  1. Do not worry.
  2. Do not try to dominate friends and family.
  3. Have moderate ambitions.
  4. Do not accumulate more than you need.
  5. Learn to relax.
  6. Cultivate a sense of humor.
  7. Find a reason for your existence.
  8. Never intentionally harm any person (neither with words or deeds).
  9. Beware of anger.
  10. Never blame others for your own mistakes.

Worth a read!

🎇 5. A Better New Year’s Resolution – Tim Ferriss’ Past Year Reviews (PYR)

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