WLW #115

January 24, 2024

👀 1. A Great Video On How To Focus – How To Focus For 12+ Hours a Day

how to focus

Watched this video on the treadmill this week.

At 77 minutes, it’s long, but one of the most direct, no-fluff, videos on building the skill of focus as an entrepreneur that I’ve seen.

He breaks focus down into 5 categories:

  1. 🥐 Diet
  2. ☀️ Morning Work
  3. 🧘 Awareness & Meditation
  4. ⭕ All or Nothing
  5. 💻 Environment

While I don’t agree with 100% of Charlie’s takes, there we’re so many highlights that it was totally worth it.

Check the video out here.

✏️ 2. 5 Lessons From Being Coached By Chris Do on Sales – Sketchnote by Alejo Porras

Worlds collided last week when my mentor Chris Do and one of my clients, Alejo Porras, met for a 2 hour IG Live on the topic of sales.

Chris (along with Carlos Garcia) put Alejo in the hot seat for a 2 hour sales roleplay session that was packed with value.

But if you don’t have two hours, Alejo summarized the key takeaways here:

coached by chris do

Alejo is an INCREDIBLY talented illustrator who does Sketchnotes and Graphic Recording for companies, brands, and individuals.

He actually made one for me aboutmy podcast episode on Systemswhich I featured in WLW #103.

You can watch the full IG live herefollow Alejo on LinkedIn here, and check out his work at

📬 3. New Email Client I’m Experimenting With – Hey

hey email client

In 2023, I shared that I had a problem.

Many years ago, I stupidly merged my personal and business inboxes.

It was a mistake.

So I’ve finally liberated my personal email from my work inbox, and the solution I came up with leaves me with two separate email clients.

  1. Gmail Inbox – Contains all of my agency and education business messages.
  2. Hey Inbox – Contains all of my personal email, newsletters, and receipts.

So far, so good.

If you haven’t checked out Hey, it’s worth looking at their site.

Some features I like:

  • The Screener: The first time someone emails you they land in The Screener. You decide if you want to hear from them or not. Yes and they’re in, No and you’ll never hear from them again.
  • The Imbox: It’s the place for emails you actually want to read, from important people and services you absolutely want to hear from.
  • Paper Trail: Keep transactional email clutter in one place, out of your face. When you need to refer to a receipt, order confirmation, service notification, etc. just head over to the Paper Trail.
  • The Feed: The Feed turns newsletters and long-reads into a browsable, casual newsfeed. Just scroll, everything’s open already.

I’m about a week in and am enjoying it.

Will I stick with Hey? Time will tell.

😲 4. How to Scale a Business – Video by Noah Kagan

how to run an 8 figure company

Came across this 3 year old video fromNoah Kagan through a recommendation from a friend.

At just 18 minutes, its worth a watch.

Here are his 10 points. (#2 and #3 really resonated with me)

1 — Have a clear numerical goal with a deadline.

2 — Raise the bar to “8-figure decisions.” ⭐

3 — 10x the things that work. ⭐

4 — Do weekly pulses.

5 — Optimize the 80%.

6 — Sharpen your daily tools.

7 — Optimize your sleep.

8 — Setup your ideal weekly calendar.

9 — People are the differentiators.

10 — The 10 year rule.

📕 5. Book I’m Checking Out This Week – Exactly What To Say by Phil M. Jones

exactly what to say cover

This one was recommended in the sales conversation I mentioned in story #2.

From Amazon:

Often the decision between a customer choosing you over someone like you is your ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count.

In Exactly What to Say, Phil delivers what he calls his “Magic Words” and precise examples of how you can use them.

Each chapter focuses on a specific scenario or challenge one might encounter in daily interactions, such as negotiating, persuading, or handling objections.

The author presents a set of magic words and phrases that are proven to be effective in each situation, making it easy to apply the concepts in real-life conversations.

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