WLW #119

April 03, 2024

💸 1. Nobody Wants Coaching – Excerpt From “How To Get Clients

Nobody wants coaching.

It’s true.

“People don’t want coaching.

They want what coaching can do.

They want their problems solved, their habits changed, their opportunities realized.”

Let me take it one step further…

Nobody wants what you sell either.

“So when you talk to potential clients, you don’t talk about what you do, you talk about what those people want.”

Important lesson there.

This excerpt is from “How To Get Clients” by Steve Chandler.

🎨 2. Basquiat’s Work Ethic – Video by “Make Art Not Content”

Incredible 8 minute YouTube video on the creativity and process of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Do yourself a favor and just watch it.

If you’re not hooked within 2 minutes, move on.

✈️ 3. Concept I’m Pondering And Working On Applying – Dark Cockpit

In a time where notifications are more pervasive than ever, I’m returning to the idea of “Dark Cockpit.”

“Dark Cockpit” is an aviation concept. It is the term we use for the situation when, except for the ambient and instrument lighting, no other light is on – no CAUTION lights (amber), no WARNING lights (red) and so on. Dark Cockpit means everything is fine and working as planned.

More explanation can be found in this article:

Theoretically, the idea that goes behind this concept is it helps the pilot keep visual communication at a bare minimum.

As the number of lights illuminating in the cockpit increase, it results in increased illumination and hence causes a spike in visual disturbance to the pilot due to glare.

Talking about the critical phases of a flight, where a pilot is required to monitor an overwhelming number of parameters.

Dark Cockpit provides the necessary relief to the pilot by only keeping the ambient and instrument lighting on unless there is a fault!

Right now I’m thinking about 3 areas of my life where I can introduce the idea of “Dark Cockpit:”

  • My phone
  • My business
  • My home

🎯 4. How To Set Goals – By Brian Tracy

Goal setting can be overwhelming.

One of my clients shared this short video of Brain Tracy speaking about setting goals after a conversation we had this week.

Brian’s goal setting process is all about identifying your “Most Important Goal.”

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a piece of paper and write down 10 goals you’d like to accomplish the next 12 months.
  2. Ask yourself: “If I could only accomplish one goal on this list, but I could accomplish it in 24 hours, which one goal would have the greatest positive impact on my life?”
  3. This question is powerful because there is usually one goal that jumps out at you – circle that goal.
  4. Then, write that goal on the back of the page, set a deadline to achieve it, then make a list of everything you’ll need to do in order to achieve it.
  5. Do something every day from that list that moves you one step forward towards your major goal.

5️⃣ 5 Things I’m Into This Month:

📙 Comic I’m Reading – The Department Of Truth Vol. 1

📺 TV Adaptation Of One Of My Favorite Books I’m Watching – 3 Body Problem

🎧 Audiobook I’m Listening To – Trust by Hernan Diaz

📰 Newsletter Reporting On Gen-Z Trends I’m Reading – After School

🎥 Video I’m Rewatching – How To Be A Monk by Blake La Grange

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