WLW #124

July 03, 2024

⭕ 1. Preparation, Ritual, and Abandonment: Life & Business In Flow – New YouTube Podcast Video

life and business in flow

If your life and work exists in a state of flow, I highly recommend you watch this video.

Most people talk about “flow state” as simply a state of complete focus.

But I believe true flow goes much deeper.

I asked myself, “What happens when I’m doing my best work?

That work feels effortless, creates a ton of value, and taps into real wisdom.

I observed it comes down to how often I can access a true state of flow.

This is a state where you access your intuition, tap into something greater, and get out of your own way.

I believe these 3 things create the conditions and intentions for a state of flow:

Preparation, Ritual, and Abandonment

In the video I share how I apply this true state of flow to:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Public speaking
  • Writing and creating
  • Sales calls
  • Working with clients
  • My relationships

😫 2. The Real Reason We Work So Hard – Video From The School Of Life

stop working so hard

My client shared this video during a conversation around aligning purposepassion, and peace in business.

It definitely hit home.

Why do we work so hard – REALLY?

The video provides many interesting answers, but here are a few that resonated with me:

“We work so hard because we are in terror of stillness.”

“Because we have no idea how to let anyone know us outside of our achievements.

“Because it seems inconceivable that we have any value beyond what we do.”

“Because being scared of the world provides the most respectable distraction from a dread of our own minds.”

“Because we find peace so much harder than war and because the real work might lie elsewhere.”

📱 3. Create A Modern Dumbphone (With Your iPhone) – Video by Reysu

modern dumbphone

I’ve been on the quest for a less distracting phone for a while.

Over the past few years I’ve used:

But still haven’t gotten it 100% dialed in.

This week’s shiny object is courtesy of this great video from Reysu.

He shows how to download a series of inexpensive apps in order to turn your smartphone into a dumbphone.

For iOS that includes:

  • homescreen: dumbify [$6.99]
  • extension(s): socialfocus or untrap for YouTube [$3.99]
  • app blocker: screenzen or burnout buddy [free]

☕ 4. The Funkiest Coffee Ever – Black & White Roasters

coffee rainbow

About 6 months ago, I had one of the craziest cups of coffee ever.

It tasted like mango coffee.

And it turns out, it kind of is.

It comes courtesy of Black & White Roasters and a relatively new experimental (and controversial) coffee fermentation process called “Co-Fermentation.”

rodrigo sanchez mango coffee

Here’s how it works:

The mango infusion process begins with 190 hours of fermentation – not of the coffee cherries, but of the mother culture which is created on Rodrigo’s farm, using micro-organisms derived from his own coffee trees. During those 190 hours, 80 liters of the indigenous mother culture is fed a mixture of orange juice, mangoes, and a sweetener, like molasses. The fruit ingredients contribute flavor while the sweetener increases the sugar content of the culture and fuels the fermentation process.

Now some coffee snobs will say “This isn’t coffee.”

That’s their problem.

Highly recommending checking out the whole selection of co-ferments from Black & White, it is like nothing you’ve ever tried.

They have grapemangostrawberry kiwipeach coladafruit punch, and more.

I’ve been making mine as espresso, but they are killer as a pour over or drip as well.

🌐 5. I Launched A New Site! – site screenshot

Excited to share that my new personal site is live today!

I envisioned it as a simple place for people to see what I’m up to, and how they can go deeper with me through some of my paid engagements.

Designed by me and built by the amazing Alex Oumn (

How we can work together

When you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. 🎧 My Podcast. Watch my free podcast The Rich Webster Show. It is an unfiltered look behind the scenes at my life and work.
  2. 🏖 How To Work Less. From 2012-2023, I built a design agency that made me $500k/year, working 10 hours a week. 🏖How To Work Less teaches you how to do it. Opening up for enrollment in August. (350+ past students. 5 stars)
  3. 🧪 Work Closely With Me. I advise 6-7 figure entrepreneurs on how to create, capture, and communicate value. If you want to go deeper through direct mentorship and consulting with me, let’s talk.

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