WLW #13

January 26, 2022

📕 1. Book I Read This Week – Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

This was one of those “Where have you been all my life?” books.

Read all 347 pages in just a couple days.

If you want to charge more money, grow a following, be a better teacher, or just change people’s life, you need to be an expert.

This book is the guide.

🔑 My Key Takeaway – How To Be A Better Teacher

Have you ever tried to explain a concept to someone that you know will change their lives, but a few minutes into your explanation you see their eyes glaze over? I know I have. Here’s the solution.

Step 1: Introduce What You’re Teaching. Self explanatory.

Step 2: Share How You Learned Or Earned It. Tell the STORY about how you learned (your knowledge) or earned (your experience) what you’re about to teach them. This is the step nearly everyone skips.

Step 3: Share The Strategy – This is the WHAT you do. Strategy is an overarching plan or set of goals. Resist getting into specifics until Step 4.

Step 4: Share The Tactics – This is the HOW you do it. Tactics are the specific actions or steps you undertake to accomplish your strategy.

Step 5: Show How It Works For Others – Show them that it doesn’t just work for you, but it works for people just like them. Use a story.

🎧 2. If You Only Listen To One Health Podcast… – Listen To Huberman Lab

One of my pre-productivity obsessions was health and wellness.

Still kinda is lol.

If you can only listen to one health podcast, make it this one.

The episodes are also on YouTube. Some of my fav. episodes:

▶️Master Your Sleep & Be More Alert When Awake

▶️How To Focus To Change Your Brain

▶️Tools For Managing Stress & Anxiety

P.S. If you’re really trying to get in deep, The Drive w/ Dr. Peter Attia is also incredible. But it is not for the casual listener.

📙 3. Report I’m Digesting – Superhuman’s State Of The Inbox 2021

Superhuman’s yearly report is insightful, and scary.

Here’s what I’m paying attention to:

👉2 in 3 remote workers would rather commute again if they could be unburdened from escalating emails and notifications.

👉82% of knowledge workers check their email within the first 30 minutes of their day.

👉More than 3 in 5 remote workers say they’re more likely to reply immediately to an email from their boss or team (63%) than to a text or DM from friends or family (37%).

👉77% of remote workers frequently check on work before their morning routine.

👉Nearly 1 in 3 remote workers aged 40 and younger (31%) are on their work email within less than a minute of waking up.

🌿 4. A Reminder About Nature – Four Ways Nature Can Protect Your Well-Being During a Pandemic

It sounds obvious, but “people who spent more time in nature these past two years have been happier and less stressed.”

Nature reduces stress, helps us feel restored, staves off depression, anxiety, and physical pain, and makes us happier and more satisfied with life.

That’s a pretty good deal.

😆 5. Tweet That Made Me Lol – “Per My Email…”

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