WLW #16

February 16, 2022

📕 1. Book I Started This Week – The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

I ask for book recommendations from my subscribers all the time.

After The ONE Thing, this book is the most recommended.

I’m ready to see what all the hype is about…

I’ll report back in my IG stories.

🧪 2. Site That Makes User Testing A Breeze – UserBob

My SEO guy showed me a site this week that is too good not to share.

It’s called UserBob.

For just $20, they’ll have 20 REAL people record a video of themselves using your site and talking through their thought process.

I can’t tell you how useful this is for ANYONE with a website.

You can find out places where the site is broken, and you didn’t even know it.

These insights from fresh eyes can decrease bounce rate and increase conversions.

👕 3. Why I Wear The Same Thing Every Day – Decision Fatigue

I wear some variation of the same outfit pretty much every day.

The reason why I do it: decision fatigue.

Decision fatigue is the idea that after making many decisions, your ability to make more and more decisions over the course of a day becomes worse.

We all have a limited amount of quality decisions in a day.

For me, I’d rather spend those decisions on other things that my outfit.

Now if you love fashion, you should spend a decision picking out your clothes every day. It’s just not for me.

Here are some other ways to reduce decision fatigue. You might:

  • Eat the same thing for breakfast every day.
  • Have a planned morning and nightly routine.
  • Have an exercise routine you stick to.

In case you were wondering, my daily capsule wardrobe consists of 4 items:

👕 Urban Outfitters Scoop Neck Curved Hem Tee

👕 Old Navy Black Zip Hoodie

🩳 Lululemon Pace Breaker Short

🩳 Lululemon Surge Jogger

😴 4. One Thing In My Arsenal For Great Sleep – Dohm

I could write a whole book on how to get better sleep.

This would be chapter one.

I’ve been using the Dohm white noise machine for YEARS.

What’s so great about the Dohm?

It is fan-based natural white noise, not from a speaker.

If your bedroom is noisy or you are easily woken, this is for you.

We’ve got more than one in our house because they’re that good.

5. A Powerful Productivity Technique – By Daniel Vassallo

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