WLW #21

March 23, 2022

🥳 1. My Course Launches Tomorrow!

🚨 BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: This Thursday, March 24, enrollment begins for my new 4-week cohort-based productivity course, “How To Work Less.

If you’re ready to transform your relationship with work and take your life to an extraordinary new level, this course is for you!

You’ve probably seen me hinting about it on Instagram, and the wait is finally over!

I’ll be sending out an email tomorrow morning with all the exciting details. Make sure to keep an eye out, because the Early Bird discount won’t last for long!

📕 2. Book I Read This Week – The Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant

With the course launch I’m way behind on my usual 5 books a month, but I did have time for this 100 page gem.

Written in 1968, The Lessons of History summarizes the macro-trends the authors noted while writing their 13,000 page, 11-volume series, The Story of Civilization. Consider this book the executive summary.

If you’re interested, check out this article, which condenses the insights from the book into 35 short lessons.

⬆️ That article summarizes The Lessons of History, which summarizes The Story of Civilization, which summarizes all of human historyThat’s meta.

😴 3. My Alternative To A Midday Nap – Non Sleep Deep Rest

’ve been experimenting with NSDR or Non Sleep Deep Rest.

NSDR involves lying in place, unmoving, and directing your awareness to the rise and fall of your breath and the sensations in different parts of the body.

It provides similar cognitive benefits to a midday nap, in less time, without having to fully sleep.

The best way to experience NSDR is during a Yoga Nidra meditation.

Here is a link to a 10 minute and 40 minute Yoga Nidra video.

Give it a try!

📺 4. Revisiting A Video That Changed My Life – Should You Hire Others? One thing rich people do that poor people don’t

Was digging through my YouTube favorites, and this video popped up.

My business coach Chris Do posted this in 2020.

The concepts he teaches in the video changed my business forever.

If you have two hours, it’s worth the watch

😵‍💫 5. Why Doritos Are The Crack Of Snack Foods – Twitter Thread by Trung Phan

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