WLW #22

March 30, 2022

👨‍🏫 1. Join My FREE Live Training TODAY!

To celebrate the launch of How To Work Less, I’m teaching a FREE live training TODAY, called “How To Run A $500k Business in 15 Hours A Week.”

I’ll be holding nothing back as I break down the lessons I learned and key mistakes I made, including:

  • The simple daily practice that freed up half my time immediately after beginning it.
  • The one mistake about time management even the most brilliant CEOs don’t understand.
  • How to identify the work that only you can do, and delegate everything else!
  • How I take meetings one day a week and check emails twice a day.

The Training Details

Click here to register for the training.

🤯 2. Audiobook That’s Blowing My Mind: Made To Stick by Chip and Dan Heath

This. book. is. so. good.

Why do some ideas thrive while others die?

And how do we improve the chances of worthy ideas?

Why do we all remember the infamous “kidney theft ring” hoax or the urban legend about razor blades in Halloween candy, but can’t remember what our boss said about the company vision at the meeting last week?

That’s what this book is about.

🔑 Key Takeaway:

If you argue ten points, no one will remember any, even if they’re good.

To make you idea sticky, you should make it simple and strip it down to its core.

One point. One idea.

“We know that sentences are better than paragraphs. Two bullet points are better than five. Easy words are better than hard words. It’s a bandwidth issue: The more we reduce the amount of information in an idea, the stickier it will be.”

📺 3. YouTube Channel With 8K Subscribers That I Think Will Hit 1M By 2023 – Modern MBA

I’m making a bold prediction: This channel will hit 1M subscribers by 2023.

⬇️ I came across this awesome video through the YouTube algorithm, called “How Casper Failed & Why DTC Startups Lose Money.”

It tells the fascinating story of the downfall of Casper mattresses.

Casper went from turning down an offer from Target for $900 Million (just because it wasn’t A BILLION), to a failed IPO and a PE buyout for $6.90 a share.

Check it out, if they hit 1m subs, you heard it here first!

🗓️ 4. The CORRECT Way To Add Events To Your Calendar – By Marissa Goldberg

😫 5. What To Do If You’ve Been Procrastinating All Day – By Alexey Guzey

This clever guide is from Alexey Guzey’s blog post: “Every productivity thought I’ve ever had, as concisely as possible.Here’s what you should do if you’ve been procrastinating for an entire day:​1. Accept that you won’t do anything today and try not to get angry at yourself

2. Set the alarm for the time you will be preparing to go to bed today

3. No, really. Do it. It will take 20 seconds

4. Procrastinate for the rest of the day

5. When the alarm rings, put your laptop and everything you need for work in your backpack

6. When you wake up, try to not check social media, email or anything else. Do not take anything out of your backpack

7. Get dressed, take your stuff, and go to a library, cafe, whatever else where you either- never been to- have been to but never procrastinated within the last 6 months

8. While getting to that place, figure out what you want to be doing today

9. Do it

10. Return home in the evening. Don’t take anything (especially your laptop) out of your backpack. Repeat steps 6-10

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