WLW #23

April 06, 2022

🤑 1. Article That Reminded Me Time Isn’t Money – By Jack Raines

​We tend to think that the more money we makethe happier we will be.

The truth is, happiness gained from more money flatlines after $105,000.

It’s funny: We spend up all our time trying to make a ton of money, and then turn around and use that money to buy back our time.

Think about it this way:

How much money would Jeff Bezos give up to be 25 years old again?

Probably all of it.

Our time isn’t money, as the saying goes, it’s even more valuable than money.

Money is infinite, time is finite. Use it wisely.

🎓 2. Are U.S. Colleges On The Brink Of Collapse? – Twitter Thread by Sam Altman

Sam Altman makes some great points about the reality of higher education in the U.S.:

  • College is clearly a bad deal for most students (see student debt crisis)
  • It’s discriminatory (elite colleges discriminate against Asian Americans)
  • Degrees are becoming useless, except in specialized fields (I personally don’t care if someone I hire went to college or not)

😎 3. How To Stop Working By Noon – Article by Sean Ogle

Business Insider columnist Sean Ogle tried an experiment to see if he could work just 5.5 hours a day (ending his day at noon).

This was my favorite tip:

Schedule something after 12:30 p.m.

“So here’s where things get interesting. For a couple weeks, I used this framework and gave myself permission to stop working at noon. For the first week, this was nearly impossible. But as I started scheduling things early in the afternoon, the need to be more productive in the morning became greater. During the summer, I booked tee times at 1 p.m. In other months, I headed out for beer festivals or set up coffee or lunch dates with people I wanted to connect with.”

🌟 4. How To Prioritize (When Everything Is A Priority) – Tweet Storm by Khe Hy

How do you prioritize when everything is importanturgent, and needed to be done yesterday?

Read this Twitter thread to find out.

🧠 5. 20% Off My Favorite Deep Work Tool –

I’ve been using A LOT the last couple of weeks as I’ve been preparing for my course launch.

I love putting on their Focus mode with the “Electronic,” “Grooves,” and “Lofi” genres and then getting into a long deep work session.

I’ve been using since 2019, long before they became mainstream.

And the best part? has been scientifically proven to increase focus by 39%.

If you want to check it out, I’ve got a coupon code for 20% off your subscription.

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