WLW #29

May 18, 2022

🏹 1. New Tool I’m Obsessed With – TweetHunter

This Twitter tool is so good it feels like cheating.

TweetHunter helps you get content ideaswrite fasterschedule posts, and much more.

I was blown away by it’s library of viral tweets for inspiration (and AI-writing assistant).

My viral post on Monday (2,700+ likes as of me writing this) was inspired by content I saw on TweetHunter.

I’ll be posting a lot more on Twitter from here on out, thanks to TweetHunter.

Check it out here. (Not an ad, it’s just that good.)

📗 2. Book I Read This Week – Reboot by Jerry Colonna

“CEO Whisperer” Jerry Colonna is one of the world’s best executive coaches.

But he’s really more of a therapist than a coach.

Adam Grant describes the book as, “An unusually raw and revealing exploration of how our leadership journeys are shaped by the defining moments of our childhood.”

Throughout the book, Jerry includes a long list of questions that he’s created for self inquiry.

I loved these three:

  • How am I complicit in creating the conditions for my life that I say I don’t want?
  • What am I not saying that needs to be said? What’s being said that I’m not hearing?
  • Who would I be without the myths I’ve told about myself?

🤑 3. How To Plan Your Week Making $1m A Year – YouTube Video By Mizko

Great video on how 7-figure designer Mizko plans his week to avoid burnout.

While he definitely puts in more hours than I’d like to, it’s always helpful to see other’s processes for planning.

🔍 4. The 5 Point Weekly Review – Twitter Thread by Tiago Forte

You all know I perform a Weekly Review every Sunday.

This Twitter thread from Tiago Forte dives into his 5-point checklist for Weekly Review.

You can check out my Weekly Review process here.

🧠 5. The Neuroscience of Achieving Your Goals – Article by Lewis Kallow

This article summarizes a two hour episode of the Huberman Lab podcast called “The Science of Setting and Achieving Goals.”

If you’ve got 15 minutes, this article will teach you 8 actionable science-backed strategies for achieving your goals.

I thought this hack was interesting:

👀 Focus Your Eyes To Focus Your Mind

Focus your visual attention on a single point for 30-60 seconds.

And… uh… that’s it.

Just pick a point on the wall, or on your computer, or in the distance and… stare at it.

You can blink but don’t move your head and don’t look away at anything else.

Read the article to find out why this works.

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