WLW #3

November 17, 2021

📒 1. Book I’m Reading This Week – The Minimalist Entrepreneur by Sahil Lauingia

The founder of Gumroad and guy with a great Twitter just released his guide on how to own a business that doesn’t own you back.

🔑 Key Takeaway: “You goal is to move away from being paid directly for your time. This is important because your time is far more valuable than your money, and so you should almost always welcome the trade.”

🎥 2. Documentary I Watched – “Lost City Of The Monkey God”

I read the book “The Lost City Of They Money God” by Douglas Preston earlier this year and loved it. It turns out there is a documentary as well, and it is even more insane.

📃 My Summary: A team of adventurers guided by space-age technology venture into untouched jungle in Guatemala to find the remains of a long lost city. Venomous snakes (look up fer-de-lance) and tropical diseases (DO NOT look up leishmaniasis) await them when they arrive.

🧪 3. Reading Hack I’m Experimenting With – Reading + Listening At The Same Time

I heard recently that if you combine listening to an audiobook with reading the physical book at the same time, you’ll increase your reading speed and retain more information.

I’m testing it with some nonfiction this month. If you want to give it a try, let me know how it works for you!

🌲 4. Scent I’m Loving – Hinoki Lab Essentail Oil

The benefits of using scents for productivity and focus are well studied. I find this Hinoki wood essential oil to be very calming while working – it’s like taking a walk in the forest! $24.00,

💬 5. Quote I’m Pondering – On Why We “Wait” Or Make Excuses

“I have a young friend who dreams of becoming a novelist, but he never seems to be able to complete his work. According to him, his job keeps him too busy, and he can never find enough time to write novels, and that’s why he can’t complete work and enter it for writing awards. But is that the real reason? No! It’s actually that he wants to leave the possibility of “I can do it if I try” open, by not committing to anything. He doesn’t want to expose his work to criticism, and he certainly doesn’t want to face the reality that he might produce an inferior piece of writing and face rejection. He wants to live inside that realm of possibilities, where he can say that he could do it if he only had the time, or that he could write if he just had the proper environment, and that he really does have the talent for it. In another five or ten years, he will probably start using another excuses like “I’m not young anymore” or “I’ve got a family to think about now.”

– An excerpt from The Courage To Be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi & Kumitake Koga

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