WLW #32

June 08, 2022

📕 1. Audiobook I Read This Week – Fierce Intimacy by Terry Real

Picked this one up on Audible after a recommendation from a podcast.


If you’re in a relationship, married, or in a business relationship, this should be required listening.

I loved Terry’s 5 Winning Strategies For Getting What You Want In Your Relationship:

1. Shift from complaint to request

2. Speak to repair with love and respect

3. Listen with compassion

4. Empower each other

5. Cherish one another

✍️ 2. How Amazon Teaches Its Employees To Write – Twitter Thread by Alex Garcia

This Thread is a must-read on how to write like an Amazonian.

Three points I’m taking with me:

1. Keep Your Sentences Under 30 Words.

2. Replace Adjectives With Data.

3. Avoid “Clutter” Words and Phrases.

📸 3. How To Use Reverse Image Search To Solve Pointless Problems

Do you have an Amazon Fire Stick?

At our house, it seems like the Fire Stick screensaver is always on one of our TVs.

The screensaver shows beautiful photos from locations around the world.

Last night, I REALLY wanted to know where this picture was taken:

Here’s how we figured it out:

Step 1 – Took a photo of the tv screen

Step 2– Cropped it on my iPhone

Step 3 – Uploaded it to TinEye Reverse Image Search

Step 4 – Found this article!

There you have it! – All 182 screensavers on your Amazon Fire TV and their locations!

Problem solved thanks to TinEye. ✅

🎧 4. How To Be In The Top 1% Of Podcasters – The Benefits of Boring

mportant lesson on consistency from Jack Raines:

To be in the top 1% of pretty much anything, you don’t have to be all that talented.

You just have to be a bit more stubborn than your competition.

For example:

There are approximately 2 million podcasts in the world.

1.8 million podcasters will quit within 3 episodes.

Another 180,000 will quit by 20 episodes.

If you simply make it to episode 21, you are in the top 1% of podcasters thanks to attrition alone.

Reminder: Survival is a much better predictor of success than skill.

🐦 5. 3 Tweets You Might Like – From Me, On Twitter

Did I mention I’m on Twitter? Drop me a follow @richwebz.

The first 1,000 followers is the biggest hurdle, would appreciate the support!

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