WLW #37

July 13, 2022

💼 1. Notion For Business: The Ultimate Guide – Free Resource by RadReads

Notion consulting agency RadReads just spilled the beans on how they build out workspaces for small teams.

The value here is insane.

✅ 17 templates.

✅ 89 screenshots.

✅ 110 hours of writing.

✅ 17,000 word Notion playbook for your business.

This is an instant bookmark.

Check it out here.

📒 2. One Huge Advantage Rich Kids Learn Early In Life – Twitter Post by @CatchKristen

From the post:

When I was little my dad taught me how to fix a toilet.

‘You never want to pay $500 for something you can easily do yourself.’

And while the ability to do labor is hugely valuable, the resource I was ALWAYS taught to conserve was money.

It was part of our DNA on a single income.”

Sounds like a great lesson, but it eventually backfires.

Because one day you wake up, you have enough money, but you still:

  • Wait in line down the block to save 50 cents on gas.
  • Wake up at 3am to stand in line for a sale.
  • Spend hundreds of hours in spreadsheets optimizing credit card points.

Those old lessons on scarcity die hard.

But wealthy kids don’t have this problem.

They learn the lesson early: Spend money to buy time.

They see forms of leverage all around them.

The house cleaner, the delivery groceries, the Uber ride.

When you’re told from an early age to always conserve money, you’ll never seek out leverage.

And that’s a problem.

It creates tremendous burdens on your time and energy.

You don’t delegate.

You don’t spend money to buy time.

You don’t invest.

Everyone needs this lesson, but usually only rich kids hear it:

Money isn’t always the most scarce resource, often it is time.

🤯 3. How To Use Visualization To Accomplish Your Wildest Goals – My First Million

My First Million host Shaan Puri was asked: “What are some tips and tricks that you do to keep your imagination, creativity alive, especially when you feel stuck or you don’t know what to do?”

He responds with 12 powerful minutes on a topic that few talk about in business: visualization.

Yes, it is real.

Yes, it is important.

Yes, you should watch.

🎵 4. My Deep Work Soundtrack This Week – Oncle Jazz by Men I Trust

For your deep work playlist this week, may I recommend this album?

Listen on YouTube.

📚 5. Reading Tool That’s Buying Me Time – Shortform

I’ve been using Shortform since last year and I’m loving it.

Shortform makes the world’s best guides to non-fiction books.

They’re like book summaries on steroids.

Here’s how I use it to save me time:

  1. Revisiting books I love for new insights.
  2. Previewing new books before I commit to a full read. They’ve got over 1,000 books. Business, productivity, health, and more.
  3. Getting inspo for content.

If you create content, you need Shortform.

Don’t know what to post about?

Pick a book summary and learn something new!

Their summaries are perfect for condensing into Reels, Twitter Threads, YouTube vids, etc.

Right now you can pick up a 5-day FREE trial and an ADDITIONAL 20% off the annual subscription (40% off total).

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