WLW #39

July 27, 2022

🎬 1. IG Live with Chris Do (Replay) – Watch Here

Went for 110 minutes on IG Live with my business coach and mentor, Chris Do.

We talked about some of my unorthodox business philosophies:

  • No proposals
  • No posting work on social media
  • No submitting work for awards

We also went down the rabbit hole on:

  • Handling client objections
  • Using “Super Connectors” to get clients
  • The value of lifestyle businesses

ICYMI: Here’s the replay.

🖥️ 2. I Regret My $46k Website Redesign – Blog Post by Michael Lynch

This detailed retrospective tells the wild story of Michael Lynch’s failed website redesign for his company TinyPilot.

What started as a $7k rebrand ballooned into a $45k website redesign over 8 months.

And what’s really interesting?

Both parties were at fault here.

It is clear and super honest analysis of how even well-meaning projects can go south.

Anyone selling or buying creative services should read this and internalize the lessons.

Read it here.

📖 3. The Best Definition of Productivity I’ve Ever Seen – Tweet by @kpaxs

Productivity isn’t about doing more things.

It’s about doing the right things.

✂️ 4. CRAZY Video & Audio Editing Tool I’m Playing With – Descript

Read about this new app in Jenny Blake’s Free Time email this week and had to share.

Descript uses AI to automate editing.

What’s it good for? Podcasting, Video Editing, Transcription

It works like this:

  1. Upload your video/audio.
  2. Descript takes your video/audio and transcribes it.
  3. Here’s the cool part: Edit your video by editing the text. Edit that transcription, and magically, the parts you don’t want are removed.
  4. Even crazier? Edit the text completely, and the AI will generate new audio with your voice.
  5. And… Descript removes filler words and word gaps automatically

This may be a game changer for my agency’s editing workflows.

I’m excited.

🎹 5. 155-Hour Spotify Playlist I’m Working To This Week – Four Tet’s Spotify Playlist

Electronic music producer Four Tet has been curating a Spotify playlist since 2016 🤯.

What’s on it?

Let’s just call it the playlist. The official title of Four Tet’s long-running collection of aural inspirations and ephemera, hosted on Spotify and containing 154 hours and 36 minutes of music (so far), is a string of emojis and glitched-out ASCII characters that might crash our website if we tried to replicate it.” Source

A lot of the tracks are out there.

But if you’re into music, this is worth a listen.

I guarantee you’ll find something new.

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