WLW #4

November 24, 2021

📕 1. Book I Read This Week – $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

The subtitle of this book is: “How to make offers so good, people feel stupid saying no.” A good indicator of whether I liked a book is how much I write on it. My copy is marked up like a kid’s coloring book.

🔑 Key Takeaways:

On pricing: Lowering price is a one-way road to destruction for most – you can only go down to $0, but you can go infinitely high in the other direction.

On packaging an offer: A single offer is less valuable than the same offer broken into its component parts and stacked as bonuses.

On what beats free: The only thing that beats “free” is “fast.” People will pay for speed.

You can grab $100M Offers for either $.99 on Kindle or free on Audible right now.

📱 2. Hilarious iPhone App I Just Discovered – Interrupt Me

Interrupt Me is a smartphone app designed to get you out of long meetings and awkward social situations by calling or texting you at the perfect moment. Kind of amazing.

📜 3. A Simple Chart I’m Loving – Should You Take On A New Project?

Source: This article by RadReads.

🎥 4. Video Recording That Blows Zoom Out Of The Water –

I record a lot of digital video for my clients, and the quality from Zoom is always terrible. No matter how good the webcams and mics are, Zoom just ruins it. I shot an interview this week with a new software – – and it’s a game changer. If you need amazing quality video interviews or podcasts, sign up and don’t look back.

☕ 5.$90 A Pound Coffee I Just Bought – Yemen Haraz Crème de la Crème

My go-to coffee roaster, Vigilante Coffee, frequently releases small batch exclusive coffees. I just picked up 6oz of this very rare Yemen Haraz, which there will only EVER be 160 lbs of.

From the description: Our Yemeni coffees are always the most complex and most unique. Honestly, it’s a rare coffee we always look forward to roasting. The cup profile has intensely rich aromatics of allspice, vanilla, and cinnamon, combined with a complex flavor profile of blackberry jam, rhubarb, plum, cranberry, green apple, and lingonberry. It’s the kind of coffee that has you looking for one more sip once you’ve finished the cup – it really is that good.

Read more & grab it while it lasts. A portion of proceeds from this coffee will be donated to The Yemen Relief & Reconstruction foundation.

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