WLW #43

August 24, 2022

🏖️ 1. How To Work Less Cohort II Opens Monday – Join The VIP Waitlist For Early Enrollment

On August 29, anyone can enroll in Cohort II of my four-week course 🏖️How To Work Less.

But my VIP Waitlist will get you in early.

If you want to access:

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You must be on my VIP Waitlist.

577 people are already on it.

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🧐Curious about the course?

🏖️How To Work Less teaches you the exact steps to design a profitable lifestyle business.

If you’re a solopreneurfreelancer, or creator who is tired for working too much for not enough money, this course is for you.

I’ve successfully applied this system in both of my businesses:

🎨 First with my design agency, where I work less than 15 hours a week and bring in over $500k a year.

🏖 Second with this business, where I spend around 10 hours a week and have grown over 100k social followers (and launched this course).

There will be MUCH more information on HTWL coming very soon.

Keep an eye on your inbox. 👀

But remember, if you plan to enroll, make sure to get on the VIP waitlist.

💡 A Quick Thought On Social Media Success…

I’m a few days away from hitting 100,000 Instagram followers. 🤯

For context, I had 0 followers on June 2, 2021.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on my journey, and what I did different.

One thing stood out:

My success resulted from my ability to transfer what works on one social media platform and apply it to another.

Let me give you some examples:

  1. Analyze top performing YouTube thumbnails and apply that style to a “hook” slide on an Instagram carousel.
  2. Study top performing Twitter writing and apply it to Instagram post writing.
  3. Look at whats performing on Tiktok and apply it to IG Reels.

I think this is an under-appreciated technique for generating great content.

So, why am I talking about this?

The next two stories both will help you do it with your content…

▶️ 2. All YouTube Thumbnails Are Made Up Of Only 6 Styles – Twitter Thread by Jay Alto

Step 1 – Learn the 6 styles of YouTube thumbnails.

Step 2 – Use these high-performing YouTube thumbnails as inspiration for IG carousel designs.

Also, follow Jay Alto.

He talks about just one topic: making better thumbnails.

🪝 3. 12 Viral Thread Hooks To Help You Write Better – Twitter Thread by Josh Farr

The best copywriting on the internet is on Twitter, and this thread is insanely good.

When I started studying Twitter to help me write better hooks, my page BLEW UP.

What’s even better, you can repurpose the hooks in this thread for ANYTHING. For example:

  • IG carousel hook
  • TikTok hook
  • LinkedIn post
  • Blog post intro
  • YouTube script

🚀 4. Massive (FREE) Guide To Launch, Run, And Scale An Online Course – Course Creator Lab

This may surprise you, but after the last cohort of How To Work LessI spent thousands to hire online course experts to help me improve the course.

Why? I want it to be the best course possible.

And I plan do this after EVERY cohort.

This time, I worked with a:

  • Landing page consultant
  • Course operations expert
  • Copywriting consultant

One of my favorite sessions was with Julia Saxena.

She’s a copywriter and former project manager who specializes in online courses.

She also has created one of THE BEST free resources online about course operations, Course Creator Lab.

It includes:

  • 📚 Templates (Landing Pages, Content Calendars)
  • 🗃️ Swipe Files (Course Names, Emails)
  • ⚙️ Operations Guides (Launch Guide, Job Board)

This is an instant bookmark.

Check it out.

🎓5. Why I Spend $1,500/Hour On My Self Education – And Why You Should Too

My business coach now charges $1,500/hour.

And to tell you the truth, I pay it happily.

The FIRST session we did together, he taught me something that saved my business over $50,000 a year in expenses.

That’s like free money.

That’s why I’m a fierce advocate for self education.

Now if you have a traditional job, it probably doesn’t seem worth it.

No one is excited about spending money out of their pocket for a better chance at a 10% raise.

But if you’re self-employed, it is a massive unlock.

You can EASILY pick up a new skill and increase your pay anywhere from 20% to 200%.

I’ve personally spent five-figures on online education:

  • Multiple Animation Courses
  • Multiple Design Courses
  • A Web Development Course
  • A Productivity Course
  • A Project Management Course
  • My Business Coach
  • Multiple Online Course Consultants

Sure it costs money upfront, but the skills you keep for life.

And, they keep paying you back.

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