WLW #45

September 07, 2022

📖 1. My Favorite Definition Of Productivity – Tweet by Kpaxs

I shared this with Cohort II of 🏖How To Work Less on Monday.

The true point of productivity is not to mindlessly cram more into the day.

It’s to get the results you want.

It is to be effectivenot efficient.

“If you get the result you want, then you are productive.

If you don’t get the result you want, then you’re not productive.”

📽️ 2. How To Make Your Webcam Video Setup Look Expensive – Twitter Thread by Kevin Shen

This Twitter thread is a free guide on how to make your office camera setup look like a pro.

I also love that it includes visual examples for each point.

Some tips and topics covered include:

  1. Lower your camera to chin height.
  2. Consider painting your wall (beige/white looks bad).
  3. Create a frame for your head with objects behind you.
  4. Don’t block your face with a microphone.
  5. Use lighting to create depth.
  6. Use a window for free lighting.
  7. Don’t have doors in the background.
  8. Warm lighting opens people to connection.

🎯 3. A Science-backed Toolkit To Improve Focus & Concentration – Huberman Lab Podcast

This podcast is a two hour masterclass on focus.

It is all based on peer-reviewed science.

And it is actionable.

Some things you’ll learn:

  • How To Use Binaural Beats To Improve Concentration
  • How To Warm-Up for Cognitive Work, Refocusing Attention & Neuroplasticity
  • How To Prevent An Afternoon Crash
  • Foods To Improve Focus & Regulating Food Volume
  • How To Correctly Use Caffeine For Focus
  • Deliberate Cold Exposure For Focus
  • Supplements For Focus

It’s available on YouTube or as a podcast.

Highly recommended.

💩 4. 5 Entrepreneurs, 5 Mistakes – Blog by Justin Welsh

I LOVE reading about other’s mistakes.

I wish more people would share the stories of how they failed.


  1. It reminds me that we’re all human and make mistakes.
  2. It allows me to learn from them and understand what to avoid.

I’ve posted some of Vanessa Lau’s blog posts on WLW before that also break down her mistakes (and lessons learned) like this: 2021, the year I didn’t hit my goals.

This blog post covers 5 short interviews with well-known entrepreneurs about the biggest mistakes they made early in building their businesses.

I’ve got some good mistakes to share sometime.

Remind me to tell you about the time I gave up on a five-figure business investment because I knew it wouldn’t be profitable for at least another two years. 😅

🏖️ 5. Why Working Less Is More Productive – 60 Minute Video By Me

If you missed it, I posted a one hour long workshop to my YouTube channel this week.

The reviews so far are pretty good 😂

“Rich you are an actual genius and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your experience.”

“One of the best productivity Videos I have ever seen.”

🧠What you’ll learn:

  • The Work Less Formula (If you want to work less, you can do one of these TWO things.)
  • The 3 limiting beliefs you need to unlearn if you want to run a lifestyle business.
  • The 3 lies society tells us about work and why they’re totally wrong.
  • Why working less hours, is actually more productive.

Check it out here!

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