WLW #46

September 14, 2022

😴 1. People Don’t Work As Much As You Think – Blog Post By David MacIver

One of my favorite blog posts of the year.

His two key points:

  1. People don’t work nearly as much as you think they do.
  2. If you assume that everyone who says they are working eight hours per day actually is, you are probably going to wreck your mental health trying to keep up with them.

I talk about this all the time: We’re all pretending to work.

So what should we do instead?

  1. Don’t try to do more work than you are able to sustainably do.
  2. Don’t feel bad about how much work you are able to sustainably do.
  3. Don’t work for people who try to make you violate one of the above rules.

Read the full post here.

📣 2. If Tyler, The Creator Needs To Promote Himself, You Do Too – Video of Tyler, The Creator

Read this quote:

“And you mean to tell me that you’re gonna be passive with your own sh*t and just put it on your story once?

Are you f*king crazy bro?

I’m still promoting my album that came out in June.

It’s a year out, and I’m still out here.

What I notice is that the younger guys and girls, they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, I got a song out’ and they forget about it.

I’m like, no!

Let motherf*kers know!

Tell people!

When I first put the perfume out, I had bags of the sample, just walking up to people like, ‘Hi I’m Tyler, I made this.’

Because I put the time, the love, and too much energy into the finish project just to put it on Instagram and forget about it.

No. Promote your sh*t.

Let people know.

Be proud of the sh*t that you made.”

I get it.

People hate to talk about themselves.

Maybe they feel uncomfortable doing it.

Maybe they feel like once is enough.

Maybe they feel like their work speaks for itself.

But here’s the thing…

If a 2x Grammy winner is still doing it, all the time, maybe you should too.

Talk about your sh*t.

⚖️ 3. Real Numbers From A $200k Designer With 16 Income Streams – Income Breakdown By Charli Marie

Charli Marie is a full time designer with a variety of side hustles that amount to 16 different income streams, including YouTube channel.

She publishes a full income report every year on her website.

I love these income reports because they provide:

  1. Perspective on how much people actually make.
  2. Data points on how much to charge.
  3. Information on how lucrative certain income streams can be.

First things first, Charli is killing it.

She made over $200k this year and seems to enjoy the variety of her full time job at ConvertKit plus the side hustles.

My biggest takeaway from this breakdown:

People generally assume that MORE income streams MUST be better.

But here’s the thing…

16 streams of income is A LOT.

That’s 16 ways your attention is pulled, 16 things you have to manage, and 16 things to worry about.

If it were me, I’d apply The 80/20 Rule to these income streams, double down on the ones that are making the most, and drop the rest.

Check out her awesome full post here, or check our her YouTube video breaking it down here.

💸 4. I Spent $80 On A Piece Of Plastic – The PSO-RITE

I could run a physical therapy clinic out of my house.

I’ve got the foam rollers, the massage guns, the rebounder trampoline, the myofascial release balls, and a lot more. 😅

This week I added another $80 piece of plastic to the collection.

The PSO-RITE is designed to do one thing really well: release the muscles in your psoas.

The psoas (hip flexors) regulate our fight or flight response, support our digestive organs, regulate our breathing, and aid in pumping blood and lymph through our body.

As you can see from this picture, the psoas are also really hard to get to.

So why is it $80?

Short answer: They own the patent, and they can charge what they want.

So far, I’ve been finding the PSO-RITE very helpful.

Check it out here.

🗓️ 5. Hey Are You Free Today?

A quick reminder that saying yes to one thing means saying no to everything else.

Thanks to Vizi Andrei for the post.

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