WLW #5

December 01, 2021

📒 1. Notebooks I’m Loving – Field Notes Winter Edition 2021

It’s no secret that I’m a diehard Field Notes fan, so it was a dream come true when they sent me a preview of their Winter 2021 Quarterly Edition: Ignition. The Winter edition is perfect for productivity fans like myself – it features two pocket planners plus a “checklist journal” – for to do’s or bullet journaling. You can check out my unboxing video here or pick them up from Field Notes here.

📕 2. Book I Read This Week – The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey

This one was recommended to me by a follower on IG (got book recommendations? let me know!). The author spent a year experimenting with every extreme productivity hack he could find: including working 20 hours a week, working 90 hours a week, waking up at 5:30am, cutting out caffeine and sugar, replacing all food with Soylent shakes, and much more.

🔑 Key Takeaway: During his experiment comparing a 90 hour workweek to a 20 hour workweek, the author found he accomplished ONLY A BIT MORE working 90 hours vs. 20 hours. But he FELT twice as productive. An important reminder – feelings aren’t facts, especially when it comes to productivity.

🚀 3. How To Make Your Bio Convert – by @heyblake on Twitter

👁 4. How Is There Not A TV Show About This Guy? – John Taylor, Eye Surgeon & Charlatan

I’ve been on a classical music kick recently (stream this station if you want a good primer). Great music for working and keeping a good vibe in the home.

While Googling some composers, my wife stumbled across the Wikipedia entry for John Taylor – whose bio reads: eye surgeon and medical charlatan. Definitely not a reassuring combination. During his infamous career, he operated on and blinded two musical legends, Bach and Handel, along with hundreds more. And that’s just a teaser. My question – how is there not a TV show about this guy yet?

🎯 5. Goal Setting Idea I’m Experimenting With – “Quarterly Themes”

I have no idea where the source of this screenshot is. I took it last year. But I love the idea of a quarterly theme. 😜

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