WLW #59

December 14, 2022

🎂 1. 33 Lessons From 33 Years – Click Here To Read

I turned 33 on Monday. 🥳

In honor of the occasion, I spent some time reflecting on some lessons I’ve learned over the years.

They’re roughly grouped into 4 categories: Health, Wealth, Work, Happiness

I hope you enjoy:

😌 2. Don’t Optimize Your Downtime – Article By Hulry

As we’re coming to the end of the year, I thought this article was appropriate to share.

If you consider yourself a productivity nerd, you’re probably guilty of this bad habit:

Trying to optimize every moment for usefulness.

Here’s an example:

Ten minutes into enjoying some music or sitting on the balcony doing nothing and my mind goes to: “Should I be reading a book or coming up with blog post ideas instead of doing this?”

For many, taking time off and doing nothing productive makes us feel guilty.

But, here’s the funny thing:

Optimizing downtime doesn’t make us more productive either.

It leads to this… (h/t @thetinywisdom)

Here are a few things you can try:

  • Go on a walk and don’t listen to a podcast or audiobook.
  • Don’t read nonfiction or business books when you’re winding down for bed.
  • Realize “wasting time” is actually a good thing.
  • Schedule your downtime and enjoy it.
  • Take some real time off for the holidays. Work will be there when you get back.

That’s why I always say: Self care is productive.

📱 3. How To Decrease Your Social Media Use By 57% – one sec

This app was shared with me by a reader and I’m very intrigued.

The premise is simple:

One sec forces you to take a deep breath whenever you open social media apps.

It’s simple and effective:

Added friction makes distracting apps less appealing.

What’s really wild:

App usage drops by 57% on average. (This is backed up by a study from the Max Planck Institute and University of Heidelberg.)

It also has a ton of interesting different options to help you break the pattern around unconsicious phone use.

You can pick from:

Breathing exercise – Forces you to take a deep breath before opening the target app.

Follow the dot – Follow the dot with your finger for 10 seconds to unlock the target app.

Black screen – Your screen turns black for 10 seconds before allowing you to continue to the target app.

Rotate phone – Rotate your phone three times around its axis to unlock the target app.

And this last one is BRUTAL:

Mirror – Look in your own eyes and tell yourself that you really want to open that app right now.

Check it out and let me know what you think! (not an ad).

🧱 4. What My Wife Got Me For My Bday – LEGO Pyramid of Giza

I know what you’re thinking…

An adult playing with LEGOs?! 🤨

But hear me out.

If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out.

Let me sell you on it:

  1. These sets are designed for adults. Think of it more like a puzzle than a toy.
  2. It is meditativerelaxingstimulating, and just plain fun.
  3. They have options for all interests: Design, Sports, Architecture, Video Games, Star Wars, Vehicles, and more.

My wife picked up the LEGO Great Pyramid of Giza for my bday.

At 1,476 pieces, it’s going to be a great build.

I’ll be sure to post the finished product on my IG Stories.

Also – These are a great unexpected holiday gift. Just sayin.’

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