WLW #60

December 21, 2022

👌 1. When To Say “That’s Enough”

There are a seemingly infinite number of things we can do each day.

It can be overwhelming to even consider that we will actually never get them all done.

In 4,000 Weeks: Time Management For Mortals, Oliver Burkeman puts it this way:

“Organize your days with the understanding that you definitely won’t have time for everything you want to do, or that other people want you to do—and so, at the very least, you can stop beating yourself up for failing.”

Faced with the reality that we 100% will not be able to do it all, how do we act?

We try in vain to fit it all in anyway.

We can always squeeze one more drop of juice from the lemon.

We can always work one more hour.

We can always check off one more task.

But at what cost?

Often, the cost is having a life.

Everyone talks about how you should work harder.

No one talks about when you should stop working.

Ask yourself: What have I missed out on as a result of “just one more?”

  • Sleep?
  • Watching your kids grow up?
  • Having a hobby?
  • Taking care of your body?

It’s easy to see the tangible results of a bit more work.

But the costs are hidden, and measured in years.

In 2023, I encourage you to get clear on what is “enough.”

Maybe it’s working a certain number of hours a day and stopping.

Maybe it’s committing to just one business, one idea, or one habit.

Maybe it’s only taking on one new project at a time.

For me, I’m doubling down on this mantra:

“My business will be as successful as it can be in 5 hours a day.”

📱 2. How To Make Your Bio 200% Better (So All The Time You Spent Writing Content This Week Isn’t Wasted) – Thread by Blake Emal

I had a coaching call last week with a successful freelancer.

He’s got a great business, but right now he’s struggling to grow on social media.

But he’s putting in the work.

So we decided to dig deeper.

It turns out, over the last month, he had 2,200 profile views, and only 7 converted into followers.


We have a problem.

It is a lot of work to commit to posting daily.

Don’t let it go to waste by low conversion.

Every one of those 2,200 profile views could have been:

  • A new follower.
  • A new customer.
  • A new client.
  • A new friend.

So what did we do?

I shared this Twitter thread with him:

I’ve had bookmarked since June 2021.

It’s a classic.

If you’re struggling with getting more followers, take a look at your bio.

The difference between a 2% and a 4% conversion rate is 100%.

Conversion matters.

💰 3. How NOT To Raise Your Prices – Thread by Rob Walling

I talk a lot about how most people should raise their prices.

I feel strongly about it.

In fact, I teach a whole 2 hour lesson on how to do it right in 🏖How To Work Less.

This story is a masterclass in what not to do.

Gumroad is a platform that allows creators to sell digital products online.

They allow you to create a landing page, a shop, send emails, and sell goods from their platform.

It’s exceptionally popular with content creators on Twitter.

This week they raised their fees from 3% to 13%.

This is unprecedented.

Needless to say, people are mad.

Consider this:

If you sold $100,000 worth of goods on Gumroad this year, you paid ~$2,900 in fees.

Next year, you would pay $13,000 in fees with this new change.


So how do you tell your customers they have to pay 4x more in fees, and you’re not giving them anything in return?

Read this great Twitter thread from Rob Walling to find out.

🎬 4. IG Live Replay with @theharryneedham – Watch Here

On Monday, I joined my friend Harry Needham for a quick 40 minute Instagram live conversation.

Harry is a great interviewer and we dove into some interesting topics:

  • How I’m able to earn $500k a year with just 6 retainer clients?
  • Would I ever consider shutting down my agency and going full time on content creation?
  • My all time number one tip for productivity(It’s not a hack.)

Watch the full replay here.

🗓️ 5. Is 2023 Going To Be Your Year? – How To Work Less Cohort 3 Enrollment Starts January 2

😂 😂 😂

I get it.

2020-2022 was rough.

People are hesitant to call their shot.

But if you’re hoping to take your business to the next level in 2023, but don’t know how, I want you to read on.

In just 12 days, I’ll be opening up the doors for Cohort 3 of my course, 🏖️ How To Work Less.

And I’ve got a spot with your name on it.

In just 4 weeks, you will:

🤑 Scale your business without working more hours.

🛠️ Create systems that run your business for you.

 Optimize your time to work less and get more done.

83 students have already been through the course.

Here’s what they said:

“How to Work Less is more useful than my college business classes were, and is one of the rare online courses I followed through on, from start to finish.”

“I’ve been at this for 10+ years and this course was a game changer.”

“I saw near instant results in my business after implementing Rich’s techniques.”

“The amount of value he offers goes far beyond the asking price. This is a no-brainer.”

“It turns out my business really only needs 15 hours of focused time from me per week!”

“It’s by far the best investment I’ve made this year and is a highly actionable resource I will refer back to time and time again.”

“I would have never thought you could pack so much value into one course. It has definitely changed my life and how I will run my business.”

Sound good?

Click here to join our VIP Waitlist and save up to 30% on Enrollment.

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