WLW #7

December 15, 2021

📕 1. Book I’m Reading – The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ DeMarco

This book was recommended by Ali Abdaal. If you can get past the cringy title, this book has some great insights. It revolves around the distinctions between three belief systems: The Sidewalk (poverty), The Slowlane (mediocrity), and The Fastlane (wealth). I won’t spoil it for you, but most of us spend our lives on The Sidewalk or The Slowlane.

🔑 My Top 5 Takeaways (Through Page 163 – Still Reading!)

  1. More money is not a solution to poor financial management.
  2. Wealth isn’t about money or possessions. People flaunt the icons of wealth yet they don’t have freedom.
  3. When most people earn “more money,” it doesn’t add freedom, it detracts.
  4. When you sell time for money, you’ll always be limited by the amount of hours in the day. Time has no leverage.
  5. Choice is the most powerful control you have in your life.

🎵 2. Podcast That’s Like Sitting In On Couples Therapy – I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

I’m captivated. Financial guru Ramit Sethi brings on couples who have financial issues to discuss their habits, emotions, and relationship with money. It’s raw, real, and relatable – like sitting in on a couple’s therapy session.

🎧 One example episode: Charles and his wife, Michelle, are worth $10 million, and he earns over $2 million a year–but he’s cheap. So cheap, he still insists on sharing someone else’s Netflix password.

Other Recommended Episodes:

🎧 Episode 19. “My husband has been promising that we’ll buy a house in a few months… for five years”

🎧 Episode 16. “We’re worth $8 million but I comparison shop for strawberries”

📱 3. How I Set Up My iPhone For Deep Work

At first I was skeptical of Apple’s new Focus iPhone feature. It seemed like there were so many ways to circumvent it. But I took a leap of faith and set it up anyway, and I’m loving it. It really complements my other key anti-distraction tool – Freedom. Here’s my phone setup to protect my deep work time (7am-11am):

📲 iPhone Focus

  • Focus set to Work mode from 7am-11am.
  • Disable all notifications (calls, texts, etc.) except my team and my wife.
  • Custom pages enabled to only show my first page of apps (no time wasters on that page).

🦋Freedom App

  • Set up to block all distracting sites and apps from 5-11am. This includes news, social media, politics, sports, games, and time wasters.
  • Freedom starts BEFORE I wake up so I can’t sneak in phone time before I start my day.

I’m very intrigued these three trends: The Rise of the Chief Workflow OfficerGiving Employees the Founder Treatment, and The Creator Side HustleClick through the tweet to read more about each trend.

☕ 5. Holiday Gift Idea – Vigilante Coffee

If you follow my IG stories, it’s no secret I’m a coffee connoisseur. If you need a last minute holiday gift, Vigilante Coffee is my go-to. Ethically sourced, exceptionally rare coffees. Better than 99% of what’s out there. I order from them every two weeks. I just picked up their Dank 4.0 Espresso.

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