WLW #74

March 29, 2023

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📸 2. Good News, Instagram Doesn’t Hate Me Anymore – Update On My Post From September

Back on September 21st, 2022, I shared a story in WLW called “Instagram Hates Me Right Now (& Why I’m Not Worried About It)

suddenly went from having my Instagram content being shown to millions of new people a month, to just the people that already follow me.

This is what it looked like:

But I’ve got good news!

Instagram doesn’t hate me anymore.

After literally 5 months (September – January) of ZERO GROWTH, I’m back in the game.

So what got me back in the game?

3 things.

📼 1. Started posting reels again

I used to post reels regularly, but stopped for a while.

Turns out IG wants people to post videos.

And they are rewarding people for doing it with more reach.

I’ve been posting 1-2 reels a week, and it’s been going great.

🎯 2. Process-based goals, not outcome-based goals

In my post back in September, I wanted to focus on process-based goals, not outcome-based goals.

My goal was simple: “Post 7 times a week.

If I do that I win.

The followers and likes will take care of themselves.

For 5 months, I did that consistently, with little results.

Until all of the sudden, it happened.

When you focus on the process, not the outcome, you focus on what you can control.

🎢 3. Take growth while you can and enjoy the ride

Social media is crazy.

I’ve only been on Instagram for about 18 months, but in that short time period things changed CONSTANTLY.

I could have given up when my reach cratered.

Or spent all my time complaining about it online.

Instead, just realize the only constant in social media is change.

What worked last year doesn’t work now.

What works today might not work tomorrow.

Just show up, keep posting, and enjoy the ride.

💰 3. Make The Most Out Of Your .99 Pricing – Article by Ariyh

Every time you walk into a store, you see .99 everywhere.

But why do companies price at .99 instead of .00?

Because most of the time, it makes people more likely to buy.

But if you want to make the most out of your .99 pricing, you need to do this:

☝️ .99 Pricing works much better when you display the original price as a reference

Here’s why:

Look at these two options.

Option 1: $8.00 vs. $6.99

Option 2: $8.01 vs. $7.00

The first option seems like a much bigger difference, despite both options being exactly $1.01 apart.

This gets technical, but bear with me…

When comparing prices, we process them in one of two ways – either by looking at each number digit-by-digit (without rounding) or we round the number in our mind.

When the original and discount prices are listed side-by-side, we compare the prices through the first method.

As we make this comparison, the difference in the left-most digits stands out to us, making the difference appear larger (e.g. comparing $4.00 vs. $ 2.99, we focus on comparing the 4 and 2).

When the prices aren’t listed together, we judge them based on our memory of one price, so we look at the numbers as a whole (e.g. 2.99 is considered 3), and the ‘.99’ doesn’t matter as much anymore).


To increase the effectiveness of a .99 pricing strategy by up to 10% (e.g. using $1.99 vs. $2.00), mention the original price on the price tag.

There’s a lot of great insight in nuance in the full article – read on and learn more here.

🤫 4. 7 Secrets Of A $100M Online Business – YouTube Video by Ryan Mathews

YouTuber Ryan Mathews has 137 subscribers.

I have no idea why the YouTube algorithm showed me his video.

But I gotta say, I was impressed.

This video details the 7 uncommon things marketer and founder Sam Ovens did to go from broke to a $100M online business.

It’s a fascinating story.

Here are some of my takeaways:

🔸 Lesson 1 – Less Is More

Most business owners always feel like they have to do more.

Rather than having 20 products, Sam had 3.

Rather than advertising on 5 platforms, Sam did 1.

The key is to get really good at one thing, rather than being mediocre at 20 things.

🔸 Lesson 2 – Focus Is Key

In a now iconic video, Sam made the shocking announcement that he was closing down his $3.6 million/year mastermind Quantum, to focus all his energy on his software company Skool.

He said he was “burning the ships.”

Even though Quantum only took him 2 weeks out of the year to run, Sam knew the power of focus to get extraordinary results.

To hear more of the story – watch Sam’s video explaining his decision.

🔸 Lesson 3 – Profit First

Sam learned this one the hard way.

When he started out, he built a business bringing in over $3 million a MONTH.

But only 8.3% ($250k) was profit…

So what did he do?

Scaled back his revenue to around $1m a MONTH, simplified his team and ads, and ended up making MORE money in profit from $1m a month than from $3m a month.

Less is more.

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It looks something like this:

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Once the widget is installed, I don’t have to do anything else.

For each newsletter I recommend, Sparkloop pays me between $1-4.

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