WLW #84

June 07, 2023

I’m in the beautiful Bahamas 🇧🇸 this week, so we’re going to be doing a shorter Work Less Wednesday. Will be back with the full length experience next week. Hope you’re having a great kickoff to the summer!

🎬 1. YouTube Interview I Did With Ran Segall of Flux Academy – Watch It Here

Recorded an awesome interview with Ran Segall of Flux Academy last week. You can watch the whole thing here.

🎂 2. Celebrating 2 Years On Instagram – What I Learned

Last week I celebrated an incredible milestone – 2 years on Instagram. I put together a quick post sharing what I learned.

🚀 3. Building A Creator Flywheel – Article by Nathan Barry

Nathan Barry, Founder of ConvertKit, published this awesome deep dive article on creating “Creator Flywheels” in your business. If you’re into building systems in your business, check it out.

🔴 4. The Red Button Rule – Twitter Post by Nick Huber

Love this long-form Tweet by Nick Huber – “The Red Button Rule.”

📺 5. The Moral Case For Working Less – Article From The Atlantic

Great article from The Atlantic on why working less doesn’t just make us better workers, it makes us better humans.

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