WLW #89

July 12, 2023

🎧 1. My Podcast Is Live! – Listen To Episode 1 Now

In case you missed it, my podcast The Rich Webster Show is live!

I created the show as a behind the scenes way to document what I’m thinking about in my businesswhat I’m working on, and how I approach running two multi-six figure business in under 20 hours a week.

I’ve been getting some great feedback from listeners already, and hope you’ll take some time to check it out.

🎤 Ep. 1: What’s Going On Now & What’s Up Next?

In this episode, I cover:

  • Why I created this podcast (not what you think)
  • Background on my businesses (for those who don’t know me)
  • What’s going on now in July 2023 (what I’m up to)
  • My thoughts on the Threads launch (and what you should do)

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📕 2. $56 Book I’m Reading This Week – Implementing Value Pricing by Ron Baker

Why charge $56 ($80 on Kindle) for a book, when most books cost $9 these days?

That’s value pricing in action.

Value pricing is when you “price your services based on the results and value that they create, not the cost or time it took to deliver them.”

If you read Ron’s book and double your income this year, $56 is a no-brainer.

Here’s how I think about it:

If you want to work less, you need to figure out how to stop billing hourly.

You have three options:

  1. Charge by output (list deliverables on your invoice, not hours worked.)
  2. Performance pricing (sell performance as a % of revenue)
  3. Value pricing (sell the value you provide, not the time spent)

Value pricing is easily the most profitable, if you can do it right.

Implementing Value Pricing is supposed to be THE book to read on the topic.

I’m excited to dig in.

P.S. I discuss value pricing in-depth in 🏖️ How To Work Less (it’s one of my favorite ways to price projects/services), but I hope to bring some new insights from Ron’s book to the group this cohort. Hope to see you there!

📩 3. Delegation Tool I’m Experimenting With – Missive

One of the last frontiers of delegation for me has always been my email inbox.

I’ve never wanted to give it up.

But I’m ready to make the leap.

One of my friends recommended Missive as a solution.

It allows you to collaborate with your assistant or team on managing all your inboxes, so you spend less time triaging and more time focused on the few messages that need your attention.

I’m going to try it out combined with Dan Martell’s email delegation framework from Buy Back Your Time and see what happens.

🏆 4. How To Do Great Work – Essay By Paul Graham

Startup legend and founder of Y-Combinator Paul Graham just published an essay called “How To Do Great Work.”

If you’re struggling with figuring out what path to go down in your career, read it.

It’s a long read, but I’ve pulled some of my favorite insights below:

“The work you choose needs to have three qualities: it has to be something you have a natural aptitude for, that you have a deep interest in, and that offers scope to do great work.”

“The way to figure out what to work on is by working. If you’re not sure what to work on, guess. But pick something and get going.”

“Develop a habit of working on your own projects. Don’t let “work” mean something other people tell you to do. If you do manage to do great work one day, it will probably be on a project of your own.”

🧵 5. Come Hang Out On Threads! – Follow me @richwebz

It seems like this entire week has been eaten up by the launch of Threads.

Here are my thoughts after 5 days on Threads:

  • This is a huge opportunity if you have a creator business, or are trying to start one.
  • Being early on social platforms is a game changer.
  • The last big opportunity was Clubhouse. Even though Clubhouse died, the creators who were early to the platform were able to grow a big audience and move it off the platform.
  • I’m really glad I spent the last two years have IG, I got 10k followers in 12 hours doing nothing
  • i talked on WLW about clubhouse and how much of an opportuntiy that was, even though it didn’t last
  • its free discover right now, wild west, algorithms are not dialed in

If you want to know my thoughts on Threads, the last 10 minutes of my first podcast episode are devoted to it.

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