WLW #9

December 29, 2021

📕 1. Book I’m Reading – The Power of Less by Leo Babauta

I’m enjoying this book’s minimalist approach to productivity, habits, and mindfulness.

It’s a short read, and very practical. Another fantastic reader recommendation.

🔑 My Top Takeaway –

The secret to building new habits is to only try to create one new habit per month.

When you attempt to create multiple new habits at once, your chances of success plummet.

With New Year’s Resolutions on the horizon, this was a much needed reminder.

📰 2. Article I’m Thinking About – Millions of Followers? For Book Sales, ‘It’s Unreliable.’

Billie Eilish.

97 million Instagram followers. 6 million Twitter followers.

Books sold: 64,000.

Turns out followers don’t guarantee sales.

If what you’re selling isn’t what they’re following you for, good luck.

✍️ 3. Best Online Writing Hack – Kill The Paragraph

“Here’s the secret sauce to digital writing:

Kill the paragraph.

Nobody reads an entire article, start-to-finish, on the internet. It just doesn’t happen.

People DO skim and scan.

Use clear headlines, give each sentence its own line, and don’t use big words.

This sounds too simplistic, but trust me.

Write this way for a month and come back to me and report the results.”

🎵 4. New Favorite TikTok Genre – Apartment Cleaning ASMR

My wife & I have stumbled onto this mesmerizing corner of TikTok where Korean & Japanese people film themselves cleaning their apartments, using all kinds of amazing gadgets and appliances I’ve never seen more.

If you’re curious, here are some examples: Thisthis, or this.

🎁 5. My Favorite Christmas Gift – Likein Heat & Massage Foot Spa

Ever since my new TikTok obsession (see above), I’ve been trying to get my hands on some of those home/self-care appliances.

If you can tell me where to get more – please do. 🙏

The first in the collection is this awesome foot spa my wife got me. So relaxing. ✨

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