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August 23, 2023

🏖​How To Work Less​: Build Your 6-Figure Lifestyle Business🏖

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I just spent the last few days reviewing our student feedback and testimonials from Cohort 4 (May) of How To Work Less.

I must say, I was blown away.

Here’s what 8 of my students from Cohort 4 (in May) said after just four weeks:

“ I instantly doubled my revenue after this course, while lowering hours worked by 30%. Hands down the best online course I’ve ever done.” – Lorenzo (Ghostwriter)

Best investment I made this year. Just one week after starting I already felt a sense of peace and clarity I’ve never had before.” – Rey (Coach)

My income has 5X’d thanks to the things I learned in How To Work Less! If you’re contemplating signing up, just do it, you will make your money back in a second!” – Adriana (Fitness & Instagram Coach)

Rich could charge three times what this course is priced at, and I’d STILL recommend it. It’s literally jam-packed with resources, systems, templates, livestreams, recordings, and an incredible community of like-minded entrepreneurs.” – Zach (Composer & Content Creator)

Rich’s course is saving me SO MUCH TIME. It provides me with clarity on moving forward so that I can run my business like a well oiled machine.” – Natalie (Email Marketing)

This course is a game-changer, and I wish I had taken it sooner. You will absolutely save time, and grow your business by learning these strategies.” – Emmanuelle (Photographer)

“Since working with Rich, I have raised my rates and hired two VA’s to help organize, market and sell for my business. I have

free’d up 25hrs a month that I can now reinvest back into the company to make it grow and spend more time with my young family! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!” – Jay (Creative Director)

Hands down the best decision I have made for my business. If you’re sitting on the fence this honestly pays for itself x 1000, do your future self a favour. Thanks so much Rich & team this is so much more than a course you are truly changing lives.” – Kirby (Designer)


In just 4 weeks, you’ll learn how to:

🤑 Scale your business without working more hours.

🛠️ Create systems that run your business for you.

😍 Do the things you love and delegate the things you don’t.

But here’s the thing…

If you want access to:

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You must be on my VIP Waitlist!

There will be more information on HTWL coming soon.

But remember, if you plan to enroll, make sure to get on the VIP waitlist.

📬 2. Productivity Lifehack For Freelancers – Tweet By Dann Petty

People waste a lot of time.

And don’t even realize it.

For instance, when dealing with clients.

Most freelancers add a ton of unnecessary steps to the process.

Designer & freelancer Dann Petty breaks down how he avoids it:

“When a client reaches out to you, always include 2 THINGS in your reply:

  1. Availability
  2. Average/Usual Price

Most freelancers don’t address these two items until at least a few emails go back and forth.

This system is much more efficient because it answers the two most common questions clients want to know, right away:

  1. Are they available to do the work?
  2. Can I afford them?

This saves you andthe client time.

It may not seem like much, but over a few years, it really adds up.

Creating systems like this can easily save you thousands of back and forth emails PLUS hundreds of Zoom calls with clients who might not be a good fit.

This is exactly how people waste time.

P.S. Here’s the exact email script Dan uses:

“Hey client –

I’m available for this project. Sounds fun!

I’m typically $4-8K per week depending on the project details, timeline, and complexity but can give you a better idea on costs after some more details.

If that fits into your budget, lmk.


🏆 3. How To Be Successful – (According To Sam Altman)

I’m not huge on “how to be successful” content.

The best definition for how to be wildly successful (in business or impact) that I’m aware of was created by Mark Manson.

Mark says there’s only three (simple, not easy) steps:

  1. Have a contrarian idea.
  2. Be right about that idea.
  3. Execute on it massively.

With that being said, I pulled 5 interesting insights from Sam Altman’s 2019 blog post on the topic of success:

📈 On Compounding:

Compounding is magic. Look for it everywhere. Exponential curves are the key to wealth generation.

🧠 On Self Belief:

The most successful people I know believe in themselves almost to the point of delusion.

🤔 On Original Thinking:

Original thinking is very difficult to teach. School is not set up to teach this—in fact, it generally rewards the opposite. So you have to cultivate it on your own.

💸 On Sales:

The best way to be good at sales is to genuinely believe in what you’re selling. Selling what you truly believe in feels great, and trying to sell snake oil feels awful.

🎯 On Focus:

Almost everyone I’ve ever met would be well-served by spending more time thinking about what to focus on. It is much more important to work on the right thing than it is to work many hours. Most people waste most of their time on stuff that doesn’t matter.

☎️ 4. Zoom Fatigue Is Driving People Back To Phone Calls – Post From Adam Grant

The studies are clear.

Zoom calls are not helping people be more productive.

I know some people who spend over 50% of their day on Zoom calls.

By the end of the day, they are FRIED.

How to fix it?

Adam Grant says that based on the latest data, “Allowing videos off reduces exhaustion and boosts engagement – especially for women and newcomers.”

I try to keep Zoom calls as limited as possible (only a couple a week), and am experimenting with switching back to old school phone calls with some team members and clients.

🖥️ 5. The Myth Of “Above The Fold”

I’ve been having some interesting debates this week with people in my network about the merits of the design “above the fold.”

What’s “above the fold?” Check out this image ⬇️

I’ve understood for a while that it’s not as important as people think.

But not everyone agrees.

Copywriters tell me “the headline is everything.

Designers tell me “the fold doesn’t matter.

Landing page designers tell me “the CTA is most important.

IMO the main purpose of the content above the fold is to keep people from leaving the site and to keep scrolling.

I know I’ve got a lot of designers, copywriters, and creators who ready WLW – Let me know, what do you think?

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