WLW #108

November 29, 2023

📖 1. The Must Unhinged Time Management Book I’ve Ever Read – No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy

no bs time management for entrepreneurs

I’m currently reading the most extreme time management book ever:

No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs by Dan Kennedy

Dan is unapologetic about taking time management to the full, unhinged extreme.

Some practices Dan follows:

  • ⏰ Fill your home/office with clocks so you think about time often
  • 📠 Only communicate via fax machine, no emails
  • 💸 ONLY do tasks that earn him more than his “governing number” hourly rate of $1000+/hour

It’s a wild, fun read, and I actually got some good insights from it too.

👥 2. The Last 100 Delegation Framework – Blog post by Tiago Forte

Cool approach to delegation from the “Second Brain” guy Tiago Forte.

Here are the 4 steps straight from Tiago’s Twitter:

1/4 List the last 100 tasks & meetings you completed

It’s much easier to consider how to delegate past tasks, versus speculating on future tasks

Your task manager and your calendar are likely 2 of the most comprehensive records of to-do’s, meetings, and calls you’ve done

2/4 Assign items to others

Sort these 100 items into buckets based on who you think is best suited to take them over

In my case, 60 of the last 100 tasks I’d completed myself could easily be delegated to someone else on the team

3/4 Divide the remaining tasks into 3 groups

  • Things I shouldn’t do at all
  • Things I think I should do
  • Things I want to do

4/4 Share what you’ve discovered

None of this is of any use if you don’t share it with anyone

The entire point of this exercise is to change your working relationships, and that begins with communicating to colleagues what you’ve learned from taking the steps above.

Read the full blog post here

🚫 3. Why I’m Quitting YouTube – YouTube video by Dr. Benjamin Hardy

why i'm quitting youtube video cover

I’ve been talking a lot about Dr. Hardy’s book 10X Is Easier Than 2X recently.

This week I was shocked (and impressed) to watch him take his own advice.

The announcement: He’s quitting YouTube.


He’s going all in on books.

The reason?

He’s good at YouTube, not great.

He’s great at writing books.

That’s the 10X way.

💰 4. The Pay Raise People Say They Need to Be Happy – WSJ Article

Interesting article on how much money people think they need to be happy.

Spoiler: More than what they have now, no matter how rich they are.

In the Empower survey, Americans said that to be happy, they would need almost a 50% raise.

how much does your salary need to be happyy

Of course, it’s not really true.

“And as soon as someone does reach a new pay tier, they often start focusing on the next one as their target recalibrates.”

🎵 5. My Spotify Wrapped 2023 – In Case You We’re Wondering…

rich webster's spotify wrapped 2023

*NOTE: This doesn’t account for the hundreds of hours spent listening to the LivePhish app, streaming classical music on WCRB, and deep work music on

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