WLW #35

June 29, 2022

📒 1. Book I Read This Week – Fix This Next by Mike Michalowicz

Fix This Next is one of my top reads of 2022.

The concept is simple: In business, how do we know what to do next?

(Especially when there are hundreds of things we could work on every day)

I spoke about this concept at length in my post on “doing the right moves, at the wrong time.”

Mike has a simple framework that perfectly clarifies what I’m talking about.

He calls it the “Business Hierarchy of Needs.”

You start at the bottom, and don’t move up a layer until you fix what’s wrong with the lowest level.

For each of the levels, the book provides 5 checkmarks that denote mastery in that level.

For instance, in the SALES level (where we all begin):

  • Lifestyle Congruence – Does your current sales meet your lifestyle requirements?
  • Prospect Attraction – Do you have enough prospects to meet that sales level?
  • Client Conversion – Do you convert enough prospects to meet that sales level?
  • Delivering on Commitments – Do you fully deliver to your clients?
  • Collecting on Commitments – Do you clients fully deliver ($) to you?

Totally worth a read, highly recommend.

🫀 2. How To Hack Your Metabolism For Peak Performance – Article From On Deck Journal

Great (and long) article on hacking your metabolism for greater energy & focus.

Some metabolic health tips I liked:

  1. Eliminate refined sugars and processed foods
  2. Pair healthy fats and proteins with carbs (eat at the same time) to keep blood sugar stable
  3. Front-load your meal with non-carb foods, eat carbs at the end
  4. Get a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)
  5. Manage your stress (stress alone can raise your blood sugar levels 🤯)

🛠️ 3. 17 Tools To Launch A Business In 30 Days – Twitter Thread by @tibo_maker

Awesome Twitter thread on the only tools you need to launch a business in 30 days.

Some new tools I’ll be checking out: – build a how-to guide – build webapps without code – create conversational assistants

🤑 4. 10 Lessons From A Million Dollar Consultant – Blog post by Vanessa Lau

I talked about Vanessa Lau’s Quarterly Wrap Up on a previous WLW.

She’s back with an insanely value-packed follow up.

After her big course launch failure, Vanessa hired all-star Customer Journey Guru George Bryant to do a 4 day deep dive on her business.

You probably haven’t heard of George (he’s kind of an industry secret), but he’s worked with many 7, 8 & 9 figure businesses.

And Vanessa shares ALL of his lessons with us, for free.

Read it here.

👾 5. My Favorite Game Of The Summer – Neon White

Some of you know I don’t just talk business.

I also used to be pro-gamer (for real lol).

On my flight home from the Bahamas, I played Neon White on my Nintento Switch the whole way.

What can I say that this headline doesn’t:

Neon White Is The Best Puzzle-Platformer-Time-Attack-Card-Slinging-Dating-Sim Of The Year

Check out this video to see what it’s all about.

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