Change Your Life

The Work Less Manifesto

Society tells us, if you want more, work harder.
Put in the extra hours, grind, and hustle –
you’ll get where you want to go.

Instead, we work smarter.

We work intentionally, intensely,
and effectively, then rest deeply.

We get more done in a 5 hour day,
than most people do in 5 days.

Work Less is not about being lazy.
In fact, it is the opposite.

We make high quality decisions, and as a result,
achieve exceptional results.

We think more, in order to work less.
We work less, to achieve more.

I work on the right thing, not anything.

Doing less work means doing more conscious work.
It means every decision counts.

I understand I can’t do everything. And that is good, because everything is not equally important.

My strategic advantage is identifying and working on the right thing, at the right time.

I win by making better decisions, having better systems, and by saying “No” more often.

I will not do more, in order to do more.
Instead, I will think more, in order to do less.

I will not pretend to work.

Work is not about occupying my time, filling up my calendar, or showing everyone how “busy” I am.

It’s about getting the right things done.

When I pretend to work, I’m avoiding the things that really matter, the things that scare me, and the things that will take me towards my dreams.

Consuming social media, skimming the news, checking email, attending pointless meetings, and “emergencies” are all examples of pretending to work.

I’m either doing what matters, or I’m pretending to work.

I get 80% of results with 20% of work.

Pareto’s Law states that 80% of outcomes come from 20% of causes. That’s a great thing.

I’m happy to work for 20% of the time in exchange for 80% of the rewards.

I don’t want or need to do what it takes to get that last 20%.

My energy is best spent identifying what creates results, doing more of it, and ignoring the rest.

I say “No.”

The only way to focus on the things that matter is to say “No” to the things that don’t.

Saying “Yes” is easy, but saying “No” is wise.

Saying “Yes” costs time, but saying “No” buys time.

I say “Yes” to what matters, and I say “No” to what doesn’t.

I spend money to buy time.

I know the best deal is spending money to buy time.

Money is infinite. Time is finite.

I take this trade every time.

I delegate whenever possible.

I delegate to people, software, and the word “No” whenever I can.

If a task can be repeated, done by someone else, or doesn’t bring me joy, I delegate it.

I avoid feeds.

I check email, social media, and news as little as possible.

When I do, it is scheduled with a purpose.

The most important thing I should be working on is rarely on my phone, in my email, or on social media.

I track my time and protect my energy.

I know that peak energy equals peak inspiration and creativity.

I track my time in order to know how I spend it.

I know my prime time and plan my work accordingly.

I am relentless with protecting my time and energy.

I plan tomorrow today.

I never start the day without a plan.

I plan the next day the night before.

I rest as hard as I work.

I stop working before I’m exhausted, and rest deeply until I work again.

I never feel guilty resting, because great work depends on great rest.